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  • Riverbend Nuclear

  • Riverbend has informed us of a possible forced outage later this month. At this time we do not have an official request to staff. If you would like to add your name to a preliminary list for consideration please send an email stating such to radservices@dayzim.com. More details will be provided as they are given to us.
  • Wishlist Information

  • **When we receive your wishlist, you will get an email from the website acknowledging it was successful. Duplicate wishlists are not necessary as it can only be updated once in our system. For further verification, emailing the staffer assigned to your requested site is preferable.
  • Staffing Update

  • At this time we are taking wishlists for all positions for Spring 2016. If you are new to DZ, please email your current resume to radservices@dayzim.com. All others, please send in your updates from fall outages via the website.

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  • Melanie Burroughs
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  • Ashley Stokes
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  • John Ellison
  • Sr. Operations Director
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